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Impressive American Ingenuity - NASA Space Shuttle

There are some forms of man-made ingenuity that are so inspiring and overwhelming that are impossible to ignore, even for the most rational human being. I think its fare to say that for most kids growing up in the 1960's and 1970's the US space program had a huge impact in bring out the closet geek in most of us. As the space program evolved I suspect for those who are  younger the Space Shuttle program might have had a similar impact. But, even if you were not a geek at heart and were fortunate to witness a space shuttle launch in person it is an experience you will never forget. I count myself as one of the fortunate who was able to see a shuttle launch from on base at Cape Canaveral. The word impressive does not even come close to the feeling you get when watching such a miraculous show of ingenuity.  Anyone who has seen a launch will describe an unexpected sensation and that is the sound and power of the solid rocket boosters. Ask them and they will describe the feeling in their chest from the sound waves generated by this powerful demonstration of force.

As the shuttle program winds down NASA is providing three of these amazing machines to museums around the country. On Tuesday April 17th, NASA delivered the Discovery Shuttle to the Udvar Hazy Space Muesum just outside Washington, D.C., this was another historic flight for the shuttle and was THE best show in D.C. as shuttle arrived aboard the back of a specially equipped 231 foot Boeing 747. Cars pulled off the highways and people called in sick from work as thousands took up positions around the area to capture a view of the arriving shuttle.

NASA provided a great show for the nations capital as the 747 made two passes around the surrounding areas. Spectators were cheering and clapping as the 747 and it's payload went overhead and everyone wanted a photo or video of this historic moment.