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Lee Love • Commercial Advertising Editorial Director / Photographer - Virginia Maryland Washington DC


Understanding what motivates people is important in understanding how and why we do what we do. It is part of who we are, whether you are an artist or a CEO. When I took a long, hard, honest look at my life, I realized there are three key elements that determine why I love photography. These keystones are Passion, Purpose and People. I believe they are three legs of the stool I stand on, and without any one element, I fail.



My passion for creativity, and using photography and video as the tool to express myself and my vision, cannot be understated. I am sure my wife would say I am obsessed, and, she is probably correct. As an artist, passion is a requirement to get up at O-dark-thirty for photo shoot that lasts long into the night. Without passion,there would be no working on a long-term personal project, day-after-day, month-after-month, knowing this one is not going to pay the bills. Passion drives me to chase that illusive concept or wisp of an idea, and turn it into an image that demands your attention.


Passion without purpose is nothing more than spinning your wheels in place. I have many great ideas, but they will not reach fruition without a purpose. My purpose is to be a creative problem-solver. I create compelling images that go beyond what my client thought was possible, and surpass the expectations they had in me and my abilities. My purpose is to make my clients successful. If my work contributes to the success of an individual, company, or charity, then I have achieved my goal. I believe many artists and creatives miss this point.  As a commercial photographer, I can create the most unbelievable images, but if they do not achieve the desired effect or intended purpose, then my only achievement is self -gratification. My personal projects are my outlet for self-gratification, but for my clients, my focus is on their needs. My clients’ needs are my need




People are interesting. It doesn’t matter what someone’s place is in our social structure, I believe everyone has something to teach us, if we are willing to take the time to learn. While on editorial assignments, it is not uncommon for me to come away with a wonderful gift. People let me in and share a part of their personal or professional life. As a result, I learn something about them, and often about myself. It is not a client’s celebrity or financial successful that awe me. That feeling of reverential respect comes from people that are genuine, and demonstrate incredible character in the face of some of life’s greater challenges. These people keep me humble, remind me why I am here.  People are one of the most interesting subjects to photograph.


I am blessed with a diverse background making my work unique to each project and client. My experience in corporate marketing, combined with my passion for creativity, and my “MacGyver” like approach to creative problem-solving, has made me successful. But, it is my ability to work with people, put them at ease and have fun at the same time, that is a significant reason why my clients not only get great work, but enjoy the experience. But, don’t take my word for it, take theirs!

Oda Solms
Co-Publisher – Fairfax Woman Magazine
“Lee Love – You ROCK! This is absolutely beautiful!”

Brad Phillips
Brand Manager 3rd Millenium Toys
“For me, Lee Love accomplished the impossible! Here’s how: I went to Lee Love Photography in search of a smile. Having just returned from an important trade convention, every picture that was taken of me showed me wearing a forced, disappointing smile. At my photo shoot, Lee changed that forever. He easily enticed and captured my best of smiles. His photos were incredible and each contained what I had been missing. His interaction during the shoot was so effective that I now take that same great smile with me everywhere I go, including business gatherings. Thanks, Lee Love!”

Ken Poortinga
Senior Director, PBS
“Lee is an excellent photographer with great skills and expertise combined with great people skills. He works with the subjects or the situation to achieve the best results. The finished results of his efforts are excellent, and I highly recommend him as a professional photographer.”

Ruth DeHart
Residential Designer
“Lee is the real deal. Not only is he an excellent photographer, but he puts all at ease, making a usually stressful event fun. He is quick to express appreciation for all who work with him. Hire this man!”

Scott Buckler
Contract Administrator
“Lee Love is a true professional in his field, but what makes Lee standout is his generosity, concern for others, and ability to consistently come through for his colleagues, even while life is shifting priorities on him. When it comes to the quality of the portraits he creates, I have found Lee’s work excels way beyond the competition, and at an exceeding good value for his clients. I will think of Lee first and foremost when I recommend professional portrait services. It has been a pleasure to work with Lee Love.”

Sam Smilie
Systems Analyst
“I cannot recommend Lee enough. Lee is an extraordinary photographer, with great customer service skills as well. I have personally seen Lee work with a large number of clients, and each time, he treated each one as if they were the most important client in the world. When matched with his great photography skills, this makes Lee the choice photographer for large and small projects.”

Burke Allen
Owner/CEO – Allen Media Strategies
“Lee has done photography for our media training events and his work is top notch and completed in a timely fashion. Most importantly, our attendees really enjoy working with Lee, who brings out the best in them in front of the camera.”

Rebecca Snider
Marketing Communications Consultant
“Lee is one of the best photographers I’ve worked with. His photography is exemplary, of course, but Lee’s ability to connect with all kinds of people is what sets him apart. From the boardroom to the streets, Lee can be counted on to make getting the perfect image seem effortless.”

Lee Love Photography
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