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In the 1940's women took on the responsibilities of the men that went to war and worked in factories as machinist, welders, painters. They built airplanes, bombs, jeeps and equipment to help the war effort.

The goal of this project to recreate similar images of these incredible women using dramatic cinematic lighting and modern technology.

I have already secured locations in iron works locations and an old school machine shop. In order to help with the authenticity I found a fully restored Navy WWII fighter plane and pilot who is willing to let me use his plane. It turns out the owner is Joe Edwards, a former NASA shuttle pilot.


Plane that will be used is owned Joe Edwards, a former NASA shuttle pilot

Plane that will be used is owned Joe Edwards, a former NASA shuttle pilot

Why Profoto B1's and Nikon are the perfect solution

This project will be shot on location in very unusual locations that require portability. The images of the plane mechanics will be shoot on the tarmac of a small airport in Culpeper VA and there is no power available in locations such as this. The Profoto B1's are the perfect solution for such a project tough rugged environments and remote on-locations required by this project.

Many of the models that fit the "girl next door" look have been located and makeup artist on board. Two of the three locations have been secured and the production team is in place.

Why this project and why Lee Love

I am a long time Nikon photographer and currently shoot with a D3 and a D810. I also LOVE lighting and my work shows off that I light EVERYTHING I shoot. Indoor, outdoor it doesn't matter I want my lighting to be dramatic and a key element in my images. I am addicted to light modifiers and can not have enough ways to shape light to create the mood and message I want to convey.

My only concern is if I am fortunate enough to have this project selected then one light will not be enough and will have to buy at least two MORE ! :( 

One final note: I have a background in marketing in the high tech industry. I understand that the success of this promotion is to highlight the Profoto products and specifically the B1. Therefore having a single light and posting a few Facebook post is not enough of a return on your investment. I am keenly aware that having not only the resulting project images seen but also using this project to help grow the market for Profoto products is part of the goal.

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